Garden Rescue host Charlie Dimmock suggests using recycled milk cartons to replace plant pots

BBC One show Garden Rescue aired on the evening of Saturday, June 11. The show features people’s garden dreams come to life as garden designers help transform family’s gardens on the show. The show is full of gardening tips and in this episode, we saw two sets of designers pitch garden styles for candidates.

One couple dubbed their garden ‘’the prison yard’’ and ‘‘bleak’’. They were seeking something that could make the garden more private and give the garden more pops of colour.

The BBC episode was episode five of series five and was based in Christchurch. The show featured three different designers: Charlie Dimmock, Harry Rich, and David Rich who pitch to the couple their ideas of how to transform the garden.

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The couple chose to go with Harry and David Rich’s garden design, meaning Charlie had to join in on helping them build their design in the garden and bring their pitch to life. The rescue of the garden included recycled materials such as recycled scaffolding boards to create hedge boards in the garden.

Garden designer Charlie Dimmock shared with viewers an eco-friendly hack for potting garden plants. In the front garden of the house, Dimmock demonstrated how to use recycled milk bottles as plant pots.

She shared that it involves drilling a drainage hole in the milk carton. Then, subsequently, Dimmock proceeded to tell viewers that some gravel should be added to the milk carton, at the bottom.

She cut out a hole at the middle face part of the carton for the plants to be entered into. Charlie also detailed that just enough water should be added to the pot so that it doesn’t make the plants overly wet but the gravel is also there to help soak up any excess water.

Once this is done, Dimmock says that the plant, with a mud foundation, should then be added inside the milk bottle- just as you would with a typical plant pot. The type of bedding plants she used to do this were purple petunias.

The end of the episode saw the family thrilled at the transformation of what was a dull garden to one that was full of life.

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