LETTER: Can we not have a Waitrose or Booths instead of another Aldi supermarket?

I REFER to your story about a new Aldi being mooted for Gemini Retail Park.

By my reckoning, there is one less than a mile away at the former Fordton Leisure Centre.

And there is a Lidl around in a mile in the other direction at the Pink Eye roundabout.

There is also an Asda over the road and plans for another Lidl a few hundred metres away on Omega.

So do we really need another?

Could we not have a Waitrose or a Booths instead?

A place or a brand which Warrington doesn’t have at the moment.

Or something else people actually want.

This obsession with building the same shops is getting too much.

No wonder the high street is dying because we have no choice.

Discount supermarkets everywhere.

Let’s have some variety and more choice.

We cannot just keep building the same thing.


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