Local mum to launch classes in Birchwood to help children get ahead

Phonics with Robot Reg is coming to Birchwood! Gilly Liput, a local mum from Lymm, will be launching the classes in Birchwood in September, which are specifically designed to get pre-schoolers and toddlers interested in early reading and writing.


Phonics with Robot Reg provides fun, high energy classes which teach early phonics skills to children aged 1 to 4 years old. It was launched in 2016 by two sisters, Charlie Day and Alex Burnside, and offers classes across the UK.


Gilly has been teaching Phonics with Robot Reg classes in South Warrington and Knutsford since 2019 and is now expanding into more areas of Warrington and launching classes in Birchwood from September. She says, “As a mum of three myself, I think Phonics with Robot Reg classes are a brilliant

way to introduce letters and sounds to children and help prepare them for school in a fun

and energetic way. I’ve taught hundreds of children in the last 4 years and have loved seeing the progress they have made and how much their confidence increases. I’m excited to be bringing my classes to Birchwood and opening them up to even more families in Warrington.”


The classes, which are suitable for ages 1 to 4 years old, introduce a different letter sound each week and develop fine and gross motor skills which are essential for reading and writing, while opening children up to a world of literacy. The classes are fun and high energy so the children don’t even realise that they are learning.

Alex Burnside, a former primary school teacher who wrote the syllabus said: “I saw a gap in children’s knowledge as they came up to reception and thought it would be great to fill that gap with a class that taught early phonics, but was also high energy and fun. Everything we do in class has an educational reason behind it, but you would never know it because the focus is on making it fun.”

A survey from the Institute of Fiscal studies has suggested that due to lockdown, the attainment gap between some children has widened, and could take up to two years to close the gap. The government has announced a National Tutoring Programme for children of school age, but what about pre-school children? The team at Phonics with Robot Reg believe that by attending these classes, the attainment gap can start to close before children start school!


Ruth Ellis, parent of a Phonics with Robot Reg pupil says; “Phonics with Robot Reg classes helped my little boy so much. He knows all his letters and sounds, which definitely gave him a head start at school. Not only that but I really felt it taught me as a parent about phonics and how I could support my child at home.”


If you want to find out more about Gilly’s classes which are currently running in Lymm, Stockton Heath and Grappenhall and are coming to Birchwood from September, please visit www.robotreg.co.uk or email  gilly@robotreg.co.uk.

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