The Cheshire fitness coach turned TV star presenting E4’s Dirty House Rescue: Queens of Clean

A body transformation coach from Cheshire has become a TV star overnight as one of the presenters of a new show on E4. Adam Murphy, from Crewe, is starring as one of the four presenters in Dirty House Rescue: Queens of Clean, the first episode of which aired on Thursday (September 8).

The new series sees the four help people transform their cluttered homes. But as well as clearing houses, they also share their tips to help change the homeowners’ mindsets and lifestyles.

Adam, who ran gyms in Cheshire before moving his coaching business online, said he was first approached to audition for another show in around October last year. The dad-of-one was then asked if he wanted to present Dirty House Rescue, which had already been commissioned.

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The dad-of-one said: “I thought it was fake. I actually ignored the emails for quite a while and then they reached out to me on social media.

“I researched the company and found out that they are legit. It is one of the biggest production companies in the UK so I agreed to do the interviews – I thought it would be a really good experience.

Crewe's Adam Murphy, right, with fellow Dirty House Rescue presenters Luke Maidment, Lola Olalekan and Charnel Savannah
Crewe’s Adam Murphy, right, with fellow Dirty House Rescue presenters Luke Maidment, Lola Olalekan and Charnel Savannah
(Image: Robert Parfitt / Channel 4)

“I’ve been working from home for the past two years so just to get out and try something different, meet new people, was what I wanted at that point.”

Adam believes it was his online coaching videos around ‘mindset’ that attracted the attention of the show’s producers. He used to have ‘multiple fitness facilities’ across Cheshire, including in the Winsford and Northwich area, but moved his business online during the pandemic.

He now works from home and has been running his Wonder Woman Program for the last 15 months. It is a fitness program primarily for women over 30 who want to ‘gain back their confidence’ and ‘live a happier, healthier life’.

Adam said: “I think we now train people across seven different countries. We don’t need to really go back into the gym. I’m a new dad and working from home is a lot more flexible. The results we get from our clients are absolutely life-changing.

“We’ve built a big community and it’s all one-to-one transformations but we put all the girls together into an exclusive community where they can help and motivate each other. We’ve helped to change over 100 lives over the last year.”

Adam Murphy, from Crewe, is one of the presenters on Dirty House Rescue on E4
Adam Murphy, from Crewe, is one of the presenters on Dirty House Rescue on E4
(Image: Robert Parfitt / Channel 4)

Once filming for the E4 series began in January, Adam said his schedule became ‘pretty intense’. He was still running his business while travelling to various cities to film the show up until only two months ago.

He said: “I actually quite enjoyed the filming. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. There were quite long filming hours and I was away every week or every two weeks in different cities.

“Doing so much travelling while trying to run my body transformation program has made it a really busy year. We started filming in January and then we finished two months ago. It’s been pretty intense.”

The 36-year-old said the team of four presenters have got their own ‘specialities or skill sets’. They help people, who apply to be on the show, to sort out their houses ‘as well as their general mindset’.

He added: “Obviously the mental health side of it was a big topic that we wanted to cover in the show, hence why I was there. We go in and literally transform their home spaces and their mindsets within three days.”

Despite not getting nervous very often, Adam said he felt some nerves leading up to the first episode. He admitted to having ‘a few drinks’ before it aired.

Adam with fellow Dirty House Rescue presenter Lola Olalekan
Adam with fellow Dirty House Rescue presenter Lola Olalekan
(Image: Robert Parfitt / Channel 4)

He said: “We just didn’t know what to expect as we hadn’t seen any of it. We’ve not seen one snippet of how the show would look or how we’d come across so we were all really nervous.

“But we enjoyed it and we think the show looked incredibly. We’ve had so much positive feedback from people and now the first episode is out we feel really relaxed about it.”

Dirty House Rescue: Queens of Clean is on E4 every Thursday with episode two airing tonight at 10pm.

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