The Warrington artist who has teamed up with Weekender

The local graphic artist has teamed up with Neighbourhood Weekender this year to bring his stylised artwork to help promote the festival that is synonymous with Warrington.

Matt set up Vinyl Soul to honour his dad who died when he was 15, taking his skill as a graphic artist and dedicating it towards something positive for the town.

The sale of his limited-edition posters gives all the profits to charity. His recent poster of Liam Gallagher saw all profits going to ‘Room at the Inn’, a beloved Warrington charity.

“I don’t need to make money from it,” he said.

After the success of his posters in the past, Matt decided to make one for Jamie Webster to honour the Liverpool artist’s announcement of his appearance at this year’s Neighbourhood Weekender.

Jamie’s most famous song, ‘This Place’, centres around his connection to Liverpool as a city.

Matt took this concept and centred it around Orford Lane, his local area in Warrington, and after the success of this, Weekender reached out to him.

“They reached out to me, they’d seen my posts,” he continued.

“I’d basically done the artwork, and I’d labelled them up as Victoria Park and with different places around the town. They’d then got in touch and said, ‘we’re really interested’.”

After the initial Jamie Webster poster, Vinyl Soul went on to create posters for several of the major acts at Neighbourhood Weekender.

These are now official posters of Weekender, incorporated into marketing for the festival.

When asked what the intention wasbehind the posters, Matt said: “It was just to celebrate Warrington, to celebrate Neighbourhood.

“I live literally directly across from Victoria Park, it was my 40th birthday the first one.

“It’s absolutely amazing. I was at the very first V Festival. Neighbourhood is great for the town”

All the posters link parts of Warrington to the artist, whether through lyrics or conceptually such as Jamie’s poster.

Matt reiterated throughout the interview his love of Warrington and the music scene.

He added: “The music scene really needs helping. It’s a working class town but it’s got so many great little venues, as well as Weekender. But they’re struggling.”

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