Warrington girl brought on to sing with Dean Lewis

The gig in question was a Dean Lewis concert, who is a singer-songwriter from Australia.

He is best known for his 2016 song ‘Waves,’ which featured in well-known television programmes including legal drama Suits, as well as Riverdale.

Warrington Guardian: The singer called up a fan from the crowd to sing a duet with him - that fan was Grace, from WarringtonThe singer called up a fan from the crowd to sing a duet with him – that fan was Grace, from Warrington (Image: Dean Lewis)

At a concert held in Liverpool on Thursday evening, July 6, a Warrington resident was invited on stage to sing with Lewis.

The song in question was a duet, originally sung by Dean Lewis and Julia Michaels: ‘In a Perfect World.’

At the concert, Lewis picked a fan out from the audience to sing the female sections of the song – that fan was Grace Doodson, from Warrington.

Grace’ dad, Mike, reached out to the Warrington Guardian, saying: “My daughter Grace was asked to get on stage with Dean Lewis last week and now he’s posting it all over his social media, [including] Instagram and TikTok.

“Her singing voice is just unbelievable.”

Dean Lewis has three million followers on TikTok, as well as 826,000 on Instagram, plus 1.72million subscribers on YouTube.

Posting a clip of the performance onto his TikTok page, Lewis wrote: “The moment you realise a fan from the crowd is a better singer than you.”

A number of comments were made across the singer’s social media accounts praising the Warringtonian youngster.

One comment read: “I was there that night and she was absolutely amazing! I thought she was a professional at first!”

Another added: “She was so brave and amazing.”

Grace’s dad, Mike, also commented on the social media posts, writing: “I am so proud of you.

“I told everyone years ago you would be a star.”

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