A Very Important House Party to take to No.4 Warrington

A NIGHT out to celebrate house classics will pay tribute to a friend who would light up the room.

Vicky Roberts died earlier this year and organiser, Samantha Dean, is hosting the night in her friend’s memory.

Samantha said: “Vicky meant so much to so many of us. She was always there to listen when we needed an ear to bend and she would literally light up the room with her smile and positivity.”

Vicky’s fiancée, Adam Wilson, who is a DJ, will be playing a special set dedicated to her at No. 4 above Austin’s Sports Bar.

And a percentage of the ticket price will go to a charity of his choice on Vicky’s behalf.

“With her boyfriend Adam playing a special set in her memory, a part of her will be there with us on the evening, and she will never be forgotten,” added Samantha.

Samantha – who lives in Appleton – started running the house classics night in 2015 aimed at an older age group who went out in the 1990s.

“Everyone had such a good time that I said ‘there is a bit of a gap in the market here’ because if you’re a bit older and want to dance to house music, there’s wasn’t really anywhere for that so I started doing it every three months,” Samantha said.

After hosting the events at The Apartment, now Block 1, we took a break for a while but due to lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, she was asked to do another one.

Samantha, born in Birchwood, continued: “It’s always been quite a small, intimate venue with a small capacity, dress up and be around like-minded people.

Samatha Dean (left) is organising A Very Important House Party - - Picture: John Moore

Samatha Dean (left) is organising ‘A Very Important House Party’ – – Picture: John Moore

“It’s a bit of fun with a really good crowd. It’s the sort of place you can go on your own and make friends and not be intimidated.

“I had younger people that came because they liked the fact it was a mixed crowd.

“It’s a little bit upmarket, it’s a nice and a bit older crowd and it’s 30 years of house music to celebrate.”

The event has also reignited friendships from those who went clubbing at Legends.

The 47-year-old added: “After not seeing each other for 20 years, people made friends again at the event so it has been a nice thing to do. More came out of it than I ever anticipated.

“Even though it’s not a huge night in terms of numbers what it means is quite important.

“You can come on your own knowing nobody and leave knowing everybody.”

Tickets on can be found here and at Lizard Inc Records on Legh Street.

The theme is pink for the house night

The theme is pink for the house night

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