Changes for Costa at Omega site as development rumbles on

The newest edition to the coffee giant’s arsenal is set to be constructed on Warrington’s Omega site, in Burtonwood.

Applications have been in the process of being submitted to Warrington Borough Council since 2021, with this being the latest in a long line of documents.

Warrington Guardian: This is taken from the original elevations of the siteThis is taken from the original elevations of the site (Image: Costa)

The latest documents show that the developers are proposing a change to the external facade of the new Costa site, with the proposed alterations currently being considered by Warrington Borough Council’s planning chiefs.

According to the initial planning documents, the description of Warrington’s newest Costa outlet is as follows:

  • Drive-thru and sit-in options.
  • Modern, attractive and functional coffee shop.
  • Contemporary glazing to the entrance area that creates a focal point to the building.
  • Different colour and textured cladding as well as advertising signage have been used to create an interesting and contemporary facade.
  • The materials and colour pallet have been carefully considered to provide a cohesive design with interesting and varied elevational treatments.
  • Carefully positioned fire escape doors ensure compliance with building regulations.
  • Fenced-off area for deliveries.

The newest plans regard the external signage for the new coffee outlet, with the original documents showing an inbuilt sign, however, the latest proposals show something different.

Warrington Guardian: The new elevations show a different façade for the buildingThe new elevations show a different façade for the building (Image: Costa)

According to documents recently submitted to the council, the signage will no longer be a standard text sign, and will instead be an illuminated sign atop the outlet’s roof.

This latest planning application is currently under consideration by Warrington Borough Council’s planning committee, with a decision due by Monday, April 3.

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