Wetherspoon customers hit with price hike on pints affecting pubs across the UK

Pubs across the UK have been hit with the price hike where the price of a pint has gone up by 10p except in London where the price rise is 20p.

Wetherspoon issue update on prices

A Wetherspoon spokesperson said: “Occasionally Wetherspoon does increase the price of its drinks. We always aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

“Prices on drinks in the majority of our pubs have increased by an average 10p from Tuesday March 1, with an increase of 20p in pubs in and around London.

“This represents an average two per cent increase in the majority of Wetherspoon pubs and four per cent in pubs in and around London.

“We believe that our drinks offer still represents great value-for money.”

Wetherspoon is known for its cheap prices and the price hike will come as a blow for Brits who are already worrying about the cost of living crisis.

Food shops, fuel, energy bills and National Insurance are among the things going up in April.

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